Cecilie Hother scores a new hosting job: Jumps out as a radio host

TV presenter Cecilie Hother jumps into a new job.

She will be a radio host on a new Saturday program ‘Det store talkshow’ on DR’s radio channel P4 together with David Mandel.

This is stated by DR in a press release.

“The very special thing about our new host pair is that they can bring things to life, so that the listeners can feel the conversations right out in the living room. They are not only good at talking to the various guests in the studio, they also know something very special about engaging the listeners at the same time, so that the listeners become active listeners,’ says head of music at DR, Ralf Richardt Strøbech.

As hosts of ‘Det store talkshow’, Cecilie Hother and David Mandel will connect well-known Danes with the listeners to immerse themselves in conversations and topics that preoccupy Danes.

In the autumn, Cecilie Hother announced that after 15 years as a weather presenter at the competitor TV 2, she would go solo and now make her own weather forecasts on her Instagram.

The program is broadcast every Saturday between 14-16, and already on Saturday 11 March, Cecilie Hother will make her debut as a radio host.

BT is working on a comment from Cecilie Hother.

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