Cecilie Beck’s interview about the national team went viral: ‘I could feel it’

The debate about the World Cup in Qatar continues, and TV host Cecilie Beck is also critical of DBU in connection with the decision to drop the OneLove armband for the Danes’ matches.

In an interview with DBU’s director of football, Peter Møller, the TV host asked on Monday what his thoughts are on how Iran’s protest against their own rule contrasts with the Danish national team’s decision to drop their planned protest.

“What do you think the Iranian players think about the courage and morale of the Danish national team?” asked Cecilie Beck.

“The Iranian players don’t risk being sanctioned sportingly for not singing along,” was the reply.

“No, they risk some other things,” said Cecilie Beck with a view to the fact that the Iranian team can have big problems with their own government for not singing along.

The clip and the exchange of words have gone viral on social media, and it’s not entirely surprising to the seasoned host.

She tells BT that

“I could feel it afterwards. I received a large number of messages,’ it says.

Cecilie Beck makes it clear that the exchange was not about her own views on the national team dropping the armband, but instead was critical journalism to hold DBU up on what they have previously stated and are now doing.

“When they said they were going to leave, they were going to leave with a bag full of protests and that’s what we’re holding them up to. My job is to make it clear what DBU says and what DBU does.’

However, the TV host is in doubt as to whether the question was appropriate.

“I don’t know if it was entirely according to the book. It’s not a super good question, but it’s a way to promote the contrast between what we’ve heard them say before and what they’re doing now.’

After the interview, Cecilie Beck has received many messages from people who are happy about her questions for the football director.

“There were many who thought it was a good interview and that it was presented sharply.”

The TV host also believes that Peter Møller’s answer speaks for itself when it comes to where the national team stands in relation to protesting against the lack of human rights in Qatar.

“I wanted DBU to clearly answer what they value most, and that is the sporting aspect, they made that very clear.”

Denmark plays its first World Cup match on Tuesday at 14:00 against Tunisia.

The national team has announced that they will not be wearing the armband to show support for diversity.

They don’t because they don’t want to risk a yellow card.

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