Cecchi Paone at No vax Mattei on La7: “Cln? You are 4 cats, respect the dead of the Resistance “. “You want a new Aventine”

Gun cotton controversy a “The air that pulls” (La7) between the reporter Alessandro Cecchi Paone and the no green pass jurist Ugo Mattei, promoter of the Dupre Commission (Doubts and Precaution) and founder of a new political project against “the Draghissime laws”, unhappily named Cln (National Liberation Committee).
Mattei explains that he has compared Draghi to the first Mussolini and not to that of racial laws and ‘very easy’. Then he raises the alarm on the ‘institutional degradation’ and invites everyone to talk seriously about politics: “We must stop dividing ourselves between pro vax and no vax”.

Cecchi Paone arises: “You say you want to talk about politics seriously, but what you said, and that is that wants to create a new CLN because it equates Draghi to the first Mussolini, it is not a serious matter, it is not a thing worthy of a professor. And I tell him as a professor. Among other things, he also said that the new government measures are constitutionally illegitimate, saying he is sure that Mattarella would not have signed them. But luckily Mattarella he signed them, then shut up and stop”.
“Frankly, I do not allow myself to tell anyone ‘shut up'”, Mattei replies.
“But enough – the journalist blurts out – the President of the Republic is the ultimate guarantor of the Constitution. She signed up and it will be worth something more than her. So please stop. Cln? You are 4 cats, respect the dead of the Resistance”.

“Have patience, Doctor Paone”, Mattei retorts.
“Call me ‘professor’, not ‘doctor'”, the reporter relaunches.
“Ah, I didn’t know he was a colleague of mine”, comments the jurist.
“No, not your colleague, I don’t want to be – replies Cecchi Paone – But I try to be a good teacher. LDo you want to recognize the supreme constitutional authority of President Mattarella or not?”.
Absolutely not“Replies Mattei.
“So we do the Cln – replies Cecchi Paone – because it is she who is dangerous for democracy and the republic”.
“No, I’m not dangerous at all – says Mattei – You are thinking of promoting a new Aventine. When Parliament is taken out of the way and all power is structured in the hands of the government, the conditions for the Aventine are created, that is, those which in Italy they marginalized the opposition and caused the Mussolini government to pass from the government to the regime”.

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