CdM: Spectators “dead from cold”, scandal in Qatar

Sunday afternoon, the air conditioning was working at full speed at the Al-Bayt stadium on the occasion of the opening match of the World Cup between the host country, Qatar, and Ecuador (0-2).

First mysteries around the 2022 World Cup organized by Qatar. While the mercury was only 25 degrees at the Al-Bayt stadium on Sunday afternoon, the organizers decided to turn on the air conditioning to bring the temperature down to 20 degrees… while leaving the roof open. A first scandal for the Qatari World Cup from an ecological point of view, especially since the temperature seemed even cooler during the match won by Ecuador against Qatar. After Enner Valencia’s teammates won against the host country, RMC met several supporters on site and many of them complained about the temperature, which was too cold due to the excessively strong air conditioning.

First match and first controversy in Qatar

“We were all frozen to death. In Ecuador, we have regions where it is cold but here, it was worse than at home or at your place in Europe. We had frozen feet. We covered ourselves with our flag. We wanted them to turn off the air conditioning” ranted Angelica, supporter of Ecuador. It is not only among the supporters of the visiting team that we regretted this air conditioning. Faisal Rasheed, a Qatari fan residing there, also complained about the coldness during the match in remarks reported by the Associated Press agency. “Actually, it’s too cold” he regrets, wondering if the air conditioning was necessary for this match. “It’s a little cold tonight but it’s really windy” for his part, said Mario Sanchez, a 33-year-old American fan also present on the spot. It remains to be seen whether the organizers will take these remarks into account in order to adapt the use of air conditioning to good use. For their part, the French delegation is not really suffering from the heat when preparing for its first match against Australia, which will start at 8 p.m. “These are not exceptional conditions. The World Cups in Mexico in 86 and in the United States in 94 had left a lot of traces on the bodies, up to 4 to 5 kg lost per game for some players. confided, in L’Equipe, the physiotherapist of the Blues.

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