CDM: Emmanuel Macron in Qatar, he sets a condition

Emmanuel Macron has already warned that he would travel to Qatar if the Blues reached the semi-finals of the World Cup.

For several weeks, criticism has been growing over the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. With the approach of the event, this is accentuated and each decision of a selection or a player is scrutinized with a magnifying glass. Logically, Emmanuel Macron was no exception to the rule after officially announcing that he would travel to Qatar in the event that France reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. A commented decision, some believing that the head of state should not endorse this Qatari World Cup by going there. Asked about this, the President of the Republic responded to the controversies. For example, he believes that “politicizing sport” is a “very bad idea”.

Emmanuel Macron calms the game with Qatar

“These questions must be asked when we attribute these events. Whether the question is climate or whether it is about human rights, we are not going to ask [la question] whenever the event is there” launched Emmanuel Macron four days before the first match of the French team in Qatar before continuing. “I don’t know in what context the Olympics will take place geopolitically. But it is certain that the vocation of these major events is to allow athletes from all countries, including sometimes from countries at war, to be able to bring sport to life. And also to find, through sport, ways of discussing where people can no longer talk to each other. concluded Emmanuel Macron, who therefore has no desire to argue about the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar two days before the opening ceremony. And whatever his opponents say, the head of state will go to the World Cup if France reaches the last four, as he did four years ago for the World Cup in Russia.

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