CdM: Disgusted by the World Cup, Italy complains

While the majority of teams are focused on the World Cup, Italy have just played two friendlies against Albania and Austria.

Largely absent from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Italy is once again watching the World Cup on TV, as was already the case four years ago during the edition in Russia. The frustration is terrible for Italian football and for coach Roberto Mancini, especially since the transalpine selection had returned to a very good level by winning the Euro in 2021. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Roberto Mancini said rightly mentioned the frustration caused by the absence of Italy during this World Cup, a year after the victory of his team at the Euro. For the Italian coach, it is also urgent that the winners of the Euro, the CAN and the Copa America are automatically qualified for the next World Cup.

Italy believes its place is at the World Cup

“These are difficult days because we are not at the World Cup. You have to accept it but it hurts, really very badly” commented Roberto Mancini in the columns of the Italian newspaper before continuing. “I will watch some games, but not all. The disappointment of not making the World Cup outweighs the joy of having won the Euro. The European champions should be qualified for the World Cup. Not only the winner of the Euro but also the winners of competitions from all continents. I say this in the interests of football and the World Cup.” launched Roberto Mancini, very disappointed to watch the World Cup on television and who believes that Italy’s place was in Qatar in order to defend the chances of the Squadra Azzurra after the coronation at the Euro in 2021. A declaration tinged with frustration, but Roberto Mancini’s proposal is understood and could be studied by FIFA in the future. But for the moment, there are no other European selections who have made this request…

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