CdM: Didier Deschamps misses the final for 2 million euros

Coach of the reigning world champions, former prestigious player for the France team, Didier Deschamps is not, however, at the top of a very prestigious and profitable ranking.

The group stage of the World Cup is now in full swing and all countries are still in the race. In three games, a single false step is barely allowed and the pressure is maximum on the coaches. A position considered very difficult as the expectation is enormous and the blowback in the event of disappointment is generally quite ruthless. That’s why the country’s first coach is often very well paid, and Didier Deschamps is no exception to the rule.

Africa monopolizes the last places

In a very long survey, the Spanish and French news agencies EFE and AFP have published the ranking of the highest paid coaches of the World Cup which is being played in Qatar. We thus learned that the coach of Tunisia, Jalel Kadri, is the least well paid with “only” 130,000 euros per year, ahead of his African colleagues Aliou Cissé (Senegal), and Rigobert Song (Cameroon). Things get more serious with the big nations, and the astonishing 16th place of Luis Enrique, who touches just over a million euros.

At the top of the pyramid, Didier Deschamps takes the podium, but not the place in the final, since he is in third position. Each year, the FFF pays 3.8 million euros, not to mention of course any bonuses in the event of objectives being achieved. Emoluments revised upwards after the title of world champion, even if, despite his experience, his results and his prestige, Didier Deschamps is not the best paid coach currently in Qatar. If he is slightly ahead of the Brazilian coach Tite, he is quite largely dominated by Gareth Southgate, who recovers 5.8 million euros each year to lead England. And the coach of the Three Lions is himself beaten by the world champion of the category, the German coach Hans-Dieter Flick, who receives 6.5 million euros and yet risks being eliminated in the first round after the defeat from the start against Japan.

Germany and England more generous than France

While waiting to find out what the French team will do in Qatar and if Didier Deschamps will remain in place for the years to come, the FFF risks in any case going into another dimension if it ever comes to entrust the controls of the Blues to Zinedine Zidane. Due to his extraordinary status in France and abroad, the former number 10 would be awarded a salary of up to 5 million euros if he were to become the national coach. Still not enough to reach the world’s top, but a very nice progression and the status of the highest paid coach in the history of France. In the meantime, “DD” has many other concerns at the moment than his future and his salary, with the ambition of making history by winning a new title with the Blues.

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