CdM: Argentina swept away, Lionel Messi can’t believe it

Argentina, who are among the favorites of this World Cup, fell from a height when they lost to Saudi Arabia in their first match.

This is the big sensation of this start to the World Cup. Opposed to Saudi Arabia for its first match, Argentina bowed to general surprise (1-2) while Lionel Messi’s teammates were leading at half-time. A disappointment that no one had seen coming and certainly not the captain of the Albiceleste. In a press conference after the defeat of his team, Lionel Messi tried to explain the poor performance of Argentina, who stumbled against a Saudi Arabian team very well in place and hardly endangered during of the second period. Stunned, the No. 30 of Paris Saint-Germain admitted that he did not expect to start this way and that he could never have imagined a defeat for his selection, the big favorite of this World Cup, against the ‘Saudi Arabia.

Messi didn’t see it coming

“We knew that Saudi Arabia are a team with good players, who handle the ball well and play high. There are no excuses. We will be more united than ever. This group is strong and it has already demonstrated it. It’s a situation we haven’t had to go through for a long time. We must now show that it is a real group. It’s a very hard blow for everyone, we didn’t expect to start like this. Things happen for a reason. We have to prepare for what comes, we have to win and it depends on us. declared Lionel Messi, totally stunned after this defeat of Argentina against Saudi Arabia during this first day of the World Cup. As a reminder, this group will cross with that of the French team during the round of 16 of this World Cup.

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