CdM 2022: Without alcohol the party is crazier, Eric Dier shocks England

Even though Budweiser is not really a quality beer, Qatar has finally decided not to allow the sale of this alcoholic beverage outside of fan zones. For Eric Dier, there is nothing to cry scandal.

France is the country of cheese, no one can dispute that, but it’s also obvious that England is the country of beer. And if in our country the sale of alcohol is prohibited in the stadiums, this is not the case in the Premier League, some clubs, Tottenham for example, even producing the beer sold in its stadium. So when FIFA validated in extremis Qatar’s request not to sell alcoholic beer around the stadiums where the 2022 World Cup will be played, this became a subject of concern across the Channel. However, where the tabloids hit hard on the host country of the World Cup, a player from the England team wanted to put this decision into perspective. This player is Eric Dier, the Spurs footballer, who expressed his position on this subject which has suddenly become very sensitive.

English football doesn’t need alcohol

For the English international, the consumption of alcohol is not necessarily linked to football and the supporters, Eric Dier considering that this ban was not dramatic for the English fans who will be numerous in Doha during the World Cup. “ I like to believe that you can have fun without drinking alcohol and it’s important to say so. And as Aaron Ramsdale said, it’s up to us on the pitch to bring joy to the fans. I felt that in all the matches I played, the atmosphere in the stands depends on the style of play that is offered. So it’s up to us, and all the teams in the tournament, to play exciting football. This is what will generate beautiful atmospheres in the stadiums and not alcoholconfided the player of Tottenham and the England team, a little annoyed that footballers are each time questioned on these more political subjects when they have not decided on the host country. We come here and we are questioned on this kind of subject. I thought I would have this type of question today. For example, this World Cup was awarded to Qatar in 2016, I was 16 at the time, it’s very difficult for me to talk about it. At the end of the day, we are footballers, not politicians. »

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