CdM 2022: Senegal tells the truth for Mané and does not whine

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Hit in the fibula with Bayern Munich on November 8, Sadio Mané was still included in Senegal’s list for the 2022 World Cup. However, he should not participate in the first matches as revealed by the vice-president of his federation.

Sadio Mané is Senegal’s star for the 2022 World Cup but his physical condition is worrying. He injured his right fibula on November 8 with Bayern against Werder Bremen. Since then, we feared his withdrawal before coach Aliou Cissé reassured Senegalese fans a little by putting him in his list of 26 players. His case, however, remained mysterious. The vice-president of the Senegalese federation Abdoulaye Sow gave some clarifications on Tuesday. The Senegalese team will have to do without Mané for the first round. ” You have to try to overcome all that and nothing but the strength and presence of Sadio should be able to strengthen the group dynamic. But, for the rest, you have to tell the Senegalese what really happened: Sadio is injured, you have to deal with it and not whine too much. […] We will have to rely on the first games without Sadio and win without Sadio “, he dropped in front of the press. This is called an air conditioning for Senegalese supporters.

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