Cdiscount sales: the MSI Modern 15 A10M-636FR laptop PC drops in price (- € 249)

Are you looking for a laptop that you can take with you wherever you go? Ultrabooks are laptops that have a thin thickness, their format is perfect for mobile use. At the moment, Cdiscount is lowering the price of the MSI Modern 15 A10M-636FR Laptop PC available at € 649.99 instead of € 899.

Presentation of the Laptop PC MSI Modern 15 A10M-636FR

This 15.6-inch laptop PC is mainly intended for office use such as word processing, internet browsing, creation of presentation media … The Intel Core i5 (10th generation) processor allows you to accomplish big tasks office automation, multimedia use and playing video games. You will be able to operate the computer with several programs open simultaneously while maintaining a certain fluidity. This laptop PC has 16 GB of RAM which increases fluidity and is perfect for intensive use! The more RAM, the more fluid the computer becomes to perform complex tasks. This MSI computer is lightweight (1.6 kg) and its thickness is only 16.9 mm, you can work anywhere!

The advantages of this MSI laptop

The computer can reach up to 9 hours of battery life to use it for a long time when traveling and without constraint. You can listen to music with good sound quality by putting on your headphones thanks to the Hi-Res Audio standard. The keyboard is comfortable and ergonomic, which is an important criterion to take into account for your comfort of use. It is backlit so you can work in a dark space. This laptop PC is fully connected with a USB Type-C port, three USB type-A ports, an HDMI output and a microSD card reader. The MSI computer is robust, it complies with the MIL-STD 810G standard which certifies its robustness and prolongs its lifespan.

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