Cdiscount explodes the price of the Bosch WTW87499FF tumble dryer during the sales

Clothes dryers consume less and less energy and allow you to dry laundry quickly to do another laundry faster and avoid piling dirty laundry in your bathroom. Cdiscount displays many promotional products during sales periods and the Bosch WTW87499FF tumble dryer is € 599.99 instead of € 699.

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Introducing the Bosch WTW87499FF tumble dryer

The programs of this Bosch heat pump dryer are fast and the drying performance, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the drying. It has a capacity of 9 kg and an excellent energy class A ++ to reduce electricity bills since the device consumes only 259 Kwh on average per year. SelfCleaning Condenser ™ technology automatically cleans the condenser and lint to maintain good energy performance. The laundry is dried with precision and the Bosch appliance is environmentally friendly while taking care of your laundry. AutoDry sensors constantly monitor humidity and temperature to avoid the risk of overheating. The walls are designed to limit vibrations so that the dryer is as quiet as possible.

A dryer that respects nature

The coolant in this Bosch dryer is the most environmentally friendly one available on the market. The wool basket allows woolen clothes to be gently placed in the machine to prevent wrinkling of the fabric and shrinkage of the wool. This accessory can be used for fabric sports shoes and for any other delicate garment. An Express drying program is available, in 40 minutes effectively dry your synthetic or fine clothes. Don’t forget your socks left in the machine thanks to the interior lighting in the drum. The anti-crease option is ideal for easy ironing!

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