Cauã Reymond reports sexual and moral harassment: "get out in the mood"

starring in soap opera a place in the sun, Cauã Reymond, 41, reports that he has experienced a lot of sexual and moral harassment during his career and stated that he is not immune from the situation, even though it is widely recognized.

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to the newspaper Or Balloon, Cauã reveals that he has already gone through several embarrassing situations: “Over time, I developed a game of flexibility. With these movements that are happening, I start to question some of the things I went through. It is not possible to compare the harassment experienced by a woman and the harassment experienced by a man. There are physical and historical vulnerabilities.”

But I think that a situation that was once considered funny can now be seen as harassment. When I was a model, I suffered a lot of moral and sexual harassment. I was uncomfortable at the time, but I came out in the mood.

The actor also reports that he is not immune from these situations, even though he is widely recognized: “It happens to this day. It happened the other day, in a photo shoot. I left uncomfortable. It’s normal, in a riot, for someone to rub their ass. It’s not I’m talking about something intentional. Like in a photo shoot, when someone takes advantage while they’re straightening their clothes. I’m still elaborating. How can I talk in a cool way that isn’t bellicose? I’m talking about harassment at work. No. it’s a fan”, he added.

The protagonist of Globo’s new plot, in which he plays twins, Reymond recently said that, as he is very critical of his work, hardly watch the serial next to the woman, to model Mariana Goldfarb, with whom he has been married for 2 years and 7 months.

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