Cauã Reymond arrives on the new island after an earthquake in Indonesia and gives a terrifying account

Cauã Reymond and Mariana Goldfarb had to change islands after they were surprised by a strong earthquake in Indonesia, which killed more than 270 people this week. The Actor and the Influencer lost communication due to lack of internet signaland when they returned to social networks they calmed down the fans again.

“Hi, guys, we had to come back here to this island, because only here has an internet signal. Two days ago a storm came and even shook the hut where we were. I also learned that the earthquake there in Jakarta it was much worse than I imagined: there were more than 270 deaths”, said Cauã, protagonist of the biopic of the life of D.Pedro I, whose preview he accompanied alongside Mariana, and cast in the soap opera “Terra Vermelha”.

Involved in a car accident in early July, the artist also showed solidarity with the victims and relatives of the earthquake. “So, I wish all the best, lots of light for these families here, time has opened up as you can see and I wish you all the best. Thanks Massafera.

After the earthquake, Mariana Goldfarb reports security: ‘It’s okay’

In addition to Cauã, Mariana also went to the networks to address the fans. “I’m recording this video just to let you know that everything is fine here. I know that a lot of people were worried. We only found out about what happened in Jakarta. this is further away”, said the influencer.

“As soon as I have internet again, I’ll come here for us to talk, but I wanted to take the opportunity and thank you for all the messages. All your affection, thank you very much and send all the strength and support to the families”, added the model, who maintains a great relationship with the daughter of Grazi and Cauã.

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