Cauã Reymond and Mariana Goldfarb change islands after earthquake: “It shook the hut”

On vacation in Indonesia, the actor Cauã Reymond and the woman, the model Mariana Goldfarbdecided to leave the island where they were after heavy rains and earthquake.

The artist explained on Instagram that he had no cell signal after the incident and that the hut where they were “came to shake”:

“Hi, guys, we had to come back here to this island, because only here has an internet signal. Two days ago a storm came and shook the hut where we were staying. I also learned that the earthquake there in Jakarta was much worse than I imagined: there were more than 270 deaths”, he began.

On the social network, he wished light to all the family members who went through the earthquake.

“So, I wish all the best, lots of light for these families. Here the weather has cleared as you can see and I wish you all the best of health, okay? All the best. A kiss ”, she completed.

Mariana Goldfarb also posted: “Guys, I’m recording this video just to let you know that everything is fine here. I know a lot of people were worried. We only found out after what happened in Jakarta. People are still without internet. So it’s the place where we are, it’s farther away, “she began.

The model said that the couple is now safe:

“Anyway, it’s been raining a lot, a lot of storms like this, but now the weather has cleared and everything is fine around here. As soon as I have internet again, I’ll come here so we can talk, but I wanted to take the opportunity and thank you for all the messages. All your affection, thank you so much and send all the strength and support to the families. A very big kiss, stay with God and take care, huh? Kisses,” he added.

The quake’s epicenter was in Java, Indonesia’s main island. The 5.6 magnitude earthquake was also felt in the capital, Jakarta. Local authorities speak of 271 victims, thousands of injured and more than 13,000 homeless.

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