Cathy Hummels: Now Cathy Hummels takes a position in a video

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Cathy Hummels comments on the date between Mats and Céline Bethmann +++ Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi enjoy a few childless days +++ Sabin Tambrea and Alice Dwyer give a rare insight into your relationship.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

May 13, 2022

“I found it all very funny”: Cathy Hummels comments on the tussle between Mats and Celine

The surprising “dinner date” between soccer star Mats Hummels, 33, and GNTM winner Céline Bethmann, 23, made the headlines in celebrity news a few weeks ago. Cathy Hummels, 34, did not leave the alleged dalliance uncommented, even countered with a date – with son Ludwig, 4. Now the moderator takes a stand and proves once again that she is above things.

The influencer published a video on the TikTok video platform. When asked by a “TrèsClick” employee why she was so upset about the rumors about Celine and Mats, the designer calmly replies: “I don’t even know if I spoke at all, I thought everything that happened was very funny!” She jokes, “I remember one headline ‘Soap of the Summer’ and I’ve always wanted to be in a soap opera, so it’s actually good!”

May 12, 2022

Anna-Maria Ferchichi: “Just anise and me, that’s so nice”

Romantic break! Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 40, and Bushido, 43, who became parents to triplets last November, have now taken a trip together – without their eight children. Anna-Maria and her husband Anis, as the rapper’s real name is, want to enjoy a little togetherness. In her Instagram story, Sarah Connor’s sister, 41, uploads a video from the plane.

“I love you. I’m looking forward to the time with you, says the 40-year-old to her husband, who then smiles at her in love. Speaking to the camera, she adds, “Just me and Anise, it’s so beautiful.” However, Anna-Maria does not reveal where the journey is going and how long the couple is taking a break.


Sabin Tambrea and Alice Dwyer reveal relationship details

Alice Dwyer, 34, and Sabin Tambrea, 37, have been a couple since 2013. However, their relationship started out unromantic. The actors kissed, hit each other, and ended up in bed. When the joint film “Ma Folie” was shot, the actor couple fell in love in real life. Dwyer said of the unusual start of the romance that grew into a relationship: “We didn’t know each other at all and then in the first week of shooting we had the love scenes right away.”

The opening of the Montblanc house in Hamburg, attended by Alice Dwyer and Sabin Tambrea, brought back a lot of memories for the two stars. The couple chatted a bit out of the box. “We used to leave little messages for each other while we were shooting,” enthused Sabin Tambrea about the romantic early days with his current wife. “Today,” Tambrea conceded, “there’s a shopping list” and admitted that he’s a bit behind on the news from back then – laid out in the hotel room – a “nice expression of mutual respect”. His wife added, “a way to turn to each other,” but the news is not lost. Dwyer explained meaningfully: “The beauty of it is, they can be picked up!”

May 11, 2022

Jennifer Knäble reveals the baby gender of child no. 2

“Our little family is growing – that’s wonderful,” revealed Jennifer Knäble, 42, to “Bunte” last January. “We look forward to baby number two with courage and determination: double trouble, we are ready!” With double trouble, Jennifer is referring to her baby son Carl, who was born on January 2nd, 2021 and is quite the whirlwind. “It will definitely not be quiet in the next few years! Our little Carl has so much energy and is always on a discovery tour – mom and dad can hardly keep up.”

Now the presenter revealed on “Bunte” that her second child with the radio presenter and DJ Felix Moese, 42, will also be a boy: “The joy is huge and we are very happy that Carl will soon have a little brother.”

May 10, 2022

Jaden Agassi congratulates his mother Steffi with a rare Mother’s Day recording

May 8, 2022 was the day of honor for all mothers. On the day, children conjure up a smile on their mum’s face with flowers, chocolates or thanks. Jaden Gil Agassi, 20, the son of the two tennis legends Steffi Graf, 52, and Andre Agassi, 52, also set an example.

The budding baseball pro shared a happy mother-son shot. Both are in each other’s arms. The athlete took the opportunity for a small declaration of love. “Love you mom !!!”, he writes about the post and underlines the words with two hearts. A sight of absolute rarity value.

May 9, 2022

Felix Neureuther posts an intimate birth photo for Mother’s Day, Miriam is delighted with the baby picture

It is a somewhat unusual but extremely beautiful way to congratulate your loved ones on Mother’s Day via Instagram: Ex-ski racer Felix Neureuther, 38, opted for a very private snapshot of his Miriam, 31, which was taken just a few moments after birth is, as his emotional lines reveal.

To see a mother’s smile and happiness when she holds her child in her arms for the first time is something indescribable!!! Happy mothersday to all mothers! And thank you for being the best mom for our children @miriamneureuther [sic]”Writes the proud husband. Daughter Lotta was born at the end of April. The couple, who said yes in December 2017, are now parents of three children. Their other two treasures are called Matilda, 4, and Leo, 2.

Nesthäkchen Lotta is currently attracting everyone’s attention in the family. The proud mum posted a picture after the birth of the baby snuggled up in a crocheted blanket – her face hidden from her fans, as it has been with the couple’s older children. Now the mother of three follows up and delights on Instagram with another snapshot of her little mouse. “My girl” she writes to the photo in which little Lotta cuddles up to her mom.

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