Catherine Ringer collapses on stage: the singer victim of discomfort, big fear

Thousands of fans returned home worried. Thursday, November 25, Catherine Ringer and her troupe gave a very short concert at the Forum in Liège, Belgium. Unfortunately, the 64-year-old singer became uneasy in the early evening and collapsed, under the eyes of her team and the audience, who were thinking of a staging …

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“She was barely on her third song, it was just Marcia Baïla. We thought at first that it was part of the show but the music stopped and she said into the microphone: ‘I can’t sing anymore!’ “, said Benoît, a fan present during the concert to the newspaper The Meuse.

The scene was filmed by spectators and posted on social media. We see the one who was the companion in the city as in the scene of Fred Chichin starting his song before falling violently to the ground. A few seconds pass before everyone gets worried and surrounds him.

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