Gareth Bale never dies

Author of a double against Austria this Thursday evening (2-1), Gareth Bale was the main architect of Welsh qualification for the final of the play-offs at the 2022 World Cup. needed one, that the striker may be finished for Real Madrid, but not for football. All it took was 90 minutes and two actions, qualified … Read more

Let’s not hide the feat of North Macedonia

If the defeat of Italy in the play-off is likely to cause a lot of ink to flow, the feat achieved by the winner of this Thursday evening should not be overlooked, however: North Macedonia. After the first Euro in its history played last summer, the small Balkan republic is only one step away from … Read more

Italy got lost at Wembley

Winner of the Euro last July, Mancini’s Italy is officially out for the next World Cup this evening. A bitter, resounding failure, both for the players and the coach. A coach who reached nirvana at Wembley, but couldn’t find his way back. By Éric Maggiori, who will now support Serbia Friday March 25 Modified Friday, … Read more

Trajkovski, King of Palermo

By crucifying Italy in the 92nd minute, Aleksandar Trajkovski allowed North Macedonia to challenge Portugal for a final play-off during which the winner will participate in the World Cup in Qatar. An already historic performance for a country that has never participated in any World Cup. A way for the attacker, too, to mark the … Read more

Play-offs: Portugal pass the first Turkish obstacle

After taking cover thanks in part to the insight of Otávio, Portugal panicked and almost got caught by Turkey in the final minutes. But he finally got away with a break lead (3-1) and will challenge North Macedonia for a place at the next World Cup on Tuesday. Portugal 3-1 Turkey Goals: Otavio (15and), Jota … Read more

Abdelkrim Branine: " Benzema had almost become the symbol of anti-France "

Journalist, former editor-in-chief of Beur FM in particular, Abdelkrim Branine publishes The Little Sultan. A novel which, in fact, deals with the political impact of football today in France, through the fate of a young Franco-Algerian footballer. A story that resonates strangely true, a few weeks before the first round of the presidential election. Your … Read more