The formation of diamonds is linked to the fragmentation of supercontinents

Diamonds are formed in the bowels of the Earth, at very great depth and high temperature. They rise to the surface through volcanic eruptions. They are thus found prisoners of magmatic rocks called kimberlites. However, the origin of these very particular magmas is still poorly understood. A new study shows that the initiation of this … Read more

How the melting Arctic sets the United States on fire

In the Arctic, the ice is melting. In the American West, forest fires are getting more and more violent. All because of anthropogenic global warming. Researchers are now showing how the two phenomena are closely linked. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Why is the Arctic on fire? Last month, temperatures 8 ° C … Read more

Your next car could detect pollution and even explosives

At CES 2022, the Gentex company unveiled a sensor composed of nanofibers capable of detecting and recognizing the signature of various chemicals, explosives, drugs, volatile organic compounds, etc. In a car, this technology could detect polluting emissions, even explosives. You will also be interested Imagine that your car either provided with a ” nose »Capable … Read more