Live, LHC restarted today to chase new Big Bang physics

The week which began on July 4, 2022 is decidedly auspicious for the physical particles. after celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of the Brout-Englert-Higgs boson at Cern 10 years ago (a keystone of the cathedral of the Standard Model of high-energy physics giving masses to elementary particles known, including those involved in the thermonuclear

Health: 8 indicators to follow for a healthy heart

L’American Heart Association takes stock of the indicators to follow for a healthy heart. The recent update of its tracking tool now includes sleep, among other new features! Maintaining a healthy heart depends as much on environmental factors, linked to our way of life, as on biological factors that are more difficult to control. L’American

A turtle about to lay eggs 2,000 years ago found in Pompeii

The remains of the tortoise have been isolated to be studied in detail.  © Ciro Fusco ANSA

The famous Italian city of Pompeii has not finished revealing its surprising secrets! If the eruption of Mount Vesuvius who has took place in 79 A.D. caused the destruction of the city, the latter had previously been shaken by a major earthquake, in 62 AD A team of archaeologists carried out excavations in a luxurious

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