Unpublished: these doctors treated a virtual patient!

Doctors around the holographic patient.  © NHS CUH

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Is it the right time to move?

A move is an important moment in life. Especially since precisely, we do not always choose… the moment. Because a move often goes hand in hand with another upheaval. A birth, a divorce or a transfer. So how do you avoid the blues? This is one of the questions about the EDF Pulse & You

The Exploratorium: how was the Pilat dune formed?

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Strangeness of life: this crab cuts sponges to dress with

It’s a discovery that’s both “adorable” and “horrifying” according to the curator of the Western Australian Museum where the creature is kept. On an Australian beach, between the rocks emerging from tide low, a scientist from the University of Canterbury has identified a new species of sponge crab ! She was baptized Lamarckdromia beaglein homage

Solar activity: an effective method to predict their violence

They release in a few minutes 100,000 times moreenergy than all the power plants on Earth produce in a year. But above all, the solar flares sometimes wreak havoc on modern earth technologies. Airlines sometimes have to cancel flights over the poles, where communications radio are lost. In November 2015, for example, planes disappeared from

Electric car: why this revolutionary battery is long overdue

After making a big splash in 2020 with a prototype solid-state electric car battery, news around QuantumScape has been scarce and its stock price has plummeted. However, the start-up claims to be able to keep its promises… In 2020, the start-up QuantumScape presented a first prototype of a battery revolutionary for electric cars, with the

Symptoms of monkeypox outbreak not like previous ones

The first observational study on the current strain of monkeypox virus shows that patients show different symptoms than previously seen. Doctors fear that the disease will be confused with others, including the most common STIs. The first study conducted on the current monkeypox epidemic put in light them symptoms caused by the disease – symptoms