The Triangle galaxy hid a two-armed pattern

While mapping the Triangle galaxy, a team of astronomers discovered that its structure is different depending on the age of the stars observed and that it has changed dramatically in the recent past. The Triangle galaxy, also called Messier 33 (M33), is the third most massive galaxy in the Local Group (after the Andromeda galaxy … Read more

A mysterious cosmic cloud has been discovered next to the Andromeda Galaxy and no one knows what it is!

It was unexpected: near the Andromeda galaxy, which has been studied for centuries, amateur astronomers have discovered a huge cloud of gas. And it doesn’t look like any known astronomical object! Its first known written mention dates back to 964, more than a millennium before: the Andromeda galaxy, also designated as M31, was one of … Read more

Are we moving towards a supervised legalization of recreational cannabis?

Faced with the observation of the failure of repressive public policies concerning cannabis carried out for 50 years in France, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council proposes an alternative: supervised legalization. What is it about ? France is today the country with the most repressive system in the European Union concerning the prohibition of cannabis … Read more

Let’s water in winter to have water in the rivers in summer, by Bruno Parmentier

France is not in the process of desertification! And she’s not close to being. It welcomes, over nearly 1,000 km, from Dunkirk to Hendaye, the clouds swollen with humidity which are pushed from the Atlantic by the prevailing westerly winds and cross France more or less quietly, as everyone can see. looking at the weather: … Read more

Meeting with Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide

Japan is recruiting new astronauts. Of the 4,127 candidates, ten remain qualified today. Only a few will be chosen during the year and will be able to carry out missions to the ISS, but also to the Moon. We take stock of the astronaut profession in Japan with veteran Akihiko Hoshide, three missions on the … Read more