Simone Uggetti, the Supreme Court cancels with postpone the acquittal sentence for the former mayor of Lodi

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There Cassation canceled with postponement the sentence with which, on May 25, 2021, the former mayor of Lodi Simone Uggetti had been acquittedon appeal in Milan, from the charge of disturbance auction, contested in competition. The appeal process bis for the former mayor and for some of the co-defendants, will therefore have to start it … Read more

Carol Maltesi, “Fontana killed her because she wanted to move. From him indomitable ferocity and absence of human compassion “

Carol Maltesi, the arrested Davide Fontana speaks of an

Davide Fontana killed Carol Maltesi not for an erotic game gone wrong, but during intercourse. And I did, explains the investigating judge Angela Corvi“Since he could not accept to live without the girl who, between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, had informed him that he intended to leave Rescaldina and move … Read more

Conte after the meeting with Mattarella: “The government will reach the end of the legislature. Let’s stop attributing to the M5s the thought of wanting to create a crisis “

Military expenses, Conte: “Pd?  I demand respect, I cannot accept accusations of irresponsibility.  We are not their branch

“We will continue to prove great responsibility towards the country in continuing to support the government, but we do not give up our positions: that no one is allowed to talk about flags or instrumental controversies, we pose political questions that affect the lives of citizens “, so the leader of the 5-star movement, Giuseppe … Read more

The cutest 2022 Easter chocolates in Paris

Chocolates and Easter eggs from Maison du Chocolat 2022

By The editorial staff · Photos by My B. · Published on March 31, 2022 at 7:53 p.m. Cute, sweet, chewable… Some chocolates, imagined for these Easter 2022 celebrations, are simply too cute! Discover the fish, chickens, rabbits or even chocolate eggs created this year by pastry chefs to delight adults and especially children! While … Read more

Zep: “Color is the soundtrack of my story”

Of course, there’s the schoolyard with its quirky plane trees, and Titeuf, his conquering banana, his friends Manu, Hugo, Vomito, and Nadia to smack his donut, and the little one has been running for thirty years this year. carousel in bright colors. Zep has had phenomenal success with the Crested Scamp. But he’s not one … Read more

Genoa, dockers’ strike against the transit of weapons: “We do not want to be complicit in massacres, the law applies”

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A membership of over 80% in the two terminals of the port of Genoa where is the Usb base syndicate has its delegates and a block at the crossing of the Ethiopia Bridge, from the first light of dawn this morning, has disputed once again the repeated transit of armaments from the Port of Genoa. … Read more