The Geneva reform of the orientation cycle and the Ouménés de Bonnada

“The Oumenes of Bonnada have unpleasant neighbors the Nippos of Pommede. The Nibbonis of Bonnaris agree either with the Nippos of Pommede, or with the Rijabons of Carabule to initiate a threat against the Ouménés of Bonnada after naturally having allied themselves with the Bitules of Rotrarch, or after having momentarily, by secret engagements, neutralized … Read more

“No collaboration from Egypt on the case of Giulio Regeni”: the note from the Ministry of Justice to the judge in Rome

Giulio Regeni, from Insinna to Soumahoro: media escort for the new hearing.  De Falco:

The Egyptian authorities have no intention of collaborating with Italy in the case of Giulio Regeni. This is what emerges from the note that the Ministry of Justice on the day of the hearing, he sent the proceedings against the four to the GUP in Rome 007 accused of having kidnappedtortured and killed the Friulian … Read more

Up to 5 degrees above normal in Perpignan: rain from the Sahara, east wind and tramontana, what will the weather be like this week?

The forecast this week in Perpignan.

As expected, a strong mild temperature is expected at the beginning of the week with the orientation of the wind to the south over the departments of Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales. After rains expected on Wednesday, the weather should be fine for the weekend and the Easter weekend. A disturbance must point the tip of the … Read more

The solution to the war cannot be separated from a change in the economic system

Aleksandr Dvornikov, who is the Russian general chosen by Moscow as sole commander of the military operation in Ukraine

From the news, always conflicting because of the war propaganda, it emerges, in my opinion with sufficient certainty, that Putin not only committed the unforgivable crime of starting a war of aggression, but also did it with absolutely unsuitable military tactics and tools. In fact, young conscripts aged 18-20 were sent to Ukraine, absolutely inexperienced … Read more

University, published two decrees on doctorates funded by Recovery: 300 million euros for 7,500 grants

University, La Sapienza di Roma first in the world in classical studies according to the Qs World University ranking

On the website of the ministry ofUniversity and of Research the first two have been published decrees on research doctorates financed with investments of National recovery and resilience plan. Are expected 300 million of euros for 7500 bags, to be used inacademic year 2022/2023 for activities starting by December 31, 2022. For innovative doctorates that … Read more

Between inflation and risk of recession, the ECB seeks the parade

Faced with the uncertain economic consequences of the Russian invasion, the guardians of the euro remained cautious at their last meeting in March. Will they find the context more readable when they meet in Frankfurt on Thursday? Discussions should be heated between the “hawks”, supporters of a rapid monetary tightening to try to curb the … Read more