Narbonne: Jean Castex left a message on the city’s guestbook

The message of Jean Castex.

When he came to Narbonne on Saturday January 22, the Prime Minister did not fail to leave a message in the city’s guestbook. “For twenty centuries, Narbonne has been at the crossroads of southern Europe, which vibrates in tune with history. The Romans understood the importance of communications to ensure the development and prosperity of

Jean-Claude Mézières, recalled in the stars

He loved horses, he had even been a cowboy in the United States, but it was in space that his visionary talent fully blossomed. Jean-Claude Mézières invented graphic modernity in science fiction. Having reunited with a childhood friend near Salt Lake City, the journalist and screenwriter Pierre Christin, he launched in 1967 in the pages

Quirinale, who are they cheering for in the Vatican? Riccardi and Casini “home interlocutors”, the admiration for Belloni. And a government without Dragons is feared

In Vatican one looks carefully at the highest hill in Rome. In the pontificate of Pope francesco the mandatory order is that of not making explicit, even in the slightest, political approval, in Italy as in the rest of the world. An indication exactly contrary to that of the pontificates of St. John Paul II

Travel to the EU, new rules ready. Goodbye to the traffic light system

The ECDC map of Europe

The ECDC map of Europe Brussels, 23 January 2022 – Turnaround is ready with new Covid rules for travel within the EU. Brussels is in the process of easing (or rather modifying) the restrictions, launching a new pandemic management model for travel that eliminates the “geographical area of ​​origin of travelers” approach. This means the