Parkinson’s disease: the only dedicated French center has closed its doors

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in France, after Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly 25,000 new cases are recorded each year and 15-20% of new patients are under 65 (source 1). At the Mauriac Hospital Center (Cantal), Ydes Parkinson’s Unit (UPY) has long been the only long-term care unit (USLD) dedicated to welcoming patients … Read more

Cancer increases inequalities between men and women

According to a survey published by the Institut Curie on Thursday February 4, there are strong disparities between men and women confronted with cancer. “The figures remind us: each year, the number of cancers in women increases, under the effect of smoking or by lack of prevention. Precariousness, return to work, mental load, organization of … Read more

Everything you need to know about spermidine

One could think of a very fat fake subject but it is not so! Spermidine, also called spermine, would have many virtues on life expectancy, memory, heart problems, diabetes, or the beauty of the hair… Just that. But then, where do the magical powers of this natural molecule and how to get them? Answers with … Read more

What are the sexual preferences of the French in 2022?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the brand of sex toys Amorelia was interested in the sexual practices of the French. According to his SexReport 2022*, 36% of them believe that sex makes them feel good. But how do they like to practice it? At what frequency ? And what are the most common fantasies? Favorite position: … Read more

Diabetes in pregnant women: pregnancy under surveillance

Being type 1 diabetic and having a pregnancy project: is it possible? Barring medical contraindications, pregnancy is entirely possible in a woman living with a type 1 diabetes. Even if this implies a real investment from the mother-to-be – who will have to keep a good glycemic balance throughout her pregnancy – as well as … Read more

Recognizing scarlet fever in babies and children

What is scarlet fever? “Better than getting scarlet fever…” sang Ray Ventura in the middle of the last century. This childhood illness which we thought was over, has experienced a resurgence in recent years in the form of small epidemic outbreaks that appear during the winter. Causes scarlet fever or strep throat is caused by … Read more

The rosemary compound useful against Covid-19?

Once again, can your plate be a bulwark against Covid-19? Perhaps according to these conclusions of a study (source 1) co-directed by scientists from Scripps Research (United States). According to them, a rosemary compound would be a formidable weapon against the virus. These findings were published in the journal Antioxidants. According to them, carnosic acid … Read more