Sexual ceremonies: discover these strange rites from elsewhere!

One is a miraculous caress given with the penis on the woman’s genitals, another a technique for making love without penetration, still others concern erotic games or involve an arsenal of fatal sexual weapons… All are rituals related to sex, desire, eroticism, pleasure and love. Shibari in Japan: erotic-artistic bondage close to bondage In Japan,

Baby has a heart murmur: what are the consequences?

What is a heart murmur? Contrary to what its name suggests, a heart murmur has nothing to do with breath, or breathing. “Concretely, a heart murmur is a noise heard through a stethoscope, when we auscultate the baby’s heart” explains Professor Alain Chantepie, pediatric cardiologist in Tours. “Normal sounds correspond to opening and closing of

Watch out for increased risk of blood clots if you watch too much TV

TV, computer, smartphone, tablet… With the digital revolution, screens have taken an important place in our professional and personal living spaces, whether with the youngest or the oldest. But the omnipresence of screens on a daily basis can be harmful to our health, with in particular theappearance of visual disturbances (myopia, loss of vision from

Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy: be vigilant!

What is cytomegalovirus (CMV)? the cytomegalovirus belongs to the family Herpesviridae (herpesvirus). “It is part of the same family as the virus of the sore (herpes simplex virus) and the one responsible for the varicella, confirms Dr. Christelle Vauloup-Fellous. If CMV infection is most often benign, it may turn out to be serious for the

Covid-19 in France: Jean Castex presents the schedule for lifting health restrictions

If France has recorded more than 525,000 positive cases of Covid-19 this Thursday, January 20,the evolution of the health situation “allows us to envisage an easing of constraints from the first days of February” and this thanks to “a new tool”, the vaccination pass judged the Prime Minister, Jean Castex during a press conference this

The new issue of Naturissime is out!

Every quarter, with Naturissime, the green version of Santé magazine, take care of your health, your body, while respecting the environment. Also discover the practical advice of our experts to consume better and in a more responsible way. The magazine is structured around three main parts: natural health : to take care of your health

Nitrites in food: a law discussed in the National Assembly to prevent thousands of cancers

Nitrites are food additives used in deli meats to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria (salmonella, listeria) and to avoid the production of toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum. Nitrites are also responsible for the pink color of cooked meats and allow the expression of aromatic notes. Problem: they react with meat iron (heme) to form

Covid-19: brain damage, a possible link with Alzheimer’s disease?

The symptoms of Covid-19 are not limited to the respiratory organs. The virus can also cause certain neurological signs. Brain fog, confusion, loss of consciousness, so many signs reported by some patients with a severe form of the disease. So far, science has yet to find a correlation between signs of brain damage developed in