Shortage of breast milk: a call for donations for premature babies

Breast milk donations have been in free fall for several months in French maternity wards and neonatology services. Since mid-January, the association of lactariums of France (ADLF) and the association SOS Prémas have been calling on mothers who can make a donation to “save lives”. Breast milk donations have been falling for months “The number

Not knowing your weight or height can affect your health

Size and weight are important health markers. Monitoring their evolution throughout life can make it possible, in the short and medium term, to identify certain diseases or to measure the impact of our lifestyle habits (physical activity, diet, etc.). However, according to a Polish study published on January 27 in the journal Scientific Reports, less

Why is the penis twisted?

Relatively widespread, the curvature of the penis affects about 1 in 10 men. Depending on whether it is hereditary or acquired, this curvature will not have the same impact on the health and sexual fulfillment of men. We take stock with Dr. Marc Galiano, urologist-andrologist surgeon and author of My sex and Moi (ed. Marabout).

Mastitis: a breastfeeding problem to be treated without delay

What is mastitis? Your breast is locally red, quite painful, worries and inconveniences you when feeding your child? You may have mastitis, a common condition but that should not be treated lightly. “We simply call mastitis stagnation of milk in only one breast, with an absence of flow, on a well materialized region.” describes Sylvie

Bigorexia: when sport becomes an addiction

Everyone agrees that physical activity is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. But for some athletes, the quest for performance goes much too far. What is bigorexia? Running for several hours a day, pushing the limits of your body, can be the sign of a real addiction, bigorexia. Like all addictions, it results in an increasingly

Breastfeeding: what to do in case of engorgement?

What is breast engorgement? Engorgement is a phenomenon that virtually all nursing mothers experience at one time or another, whether at the start of breastfeeding, the first days of baby’s life, during the rise of milk, as after several weeks, during the needs of the child. “To put it simply, engorgement is a abundant milk

All about dyslexia

What is dyslexia? ” The dyslexia is a developmental disorder original neurological, present from birth and which persists throughout life, explains Hélène Dubois, speech therapist. This means that the brains of dyslexic children do not develop and function like those of non-dyslexic people. It’s this different organization of which makes thatDyslexics have so much difficulty

Anxiety in pregnant women: better detect it to treat it

Is it normal to be worried during pregnancy? Rest assured, it’s completely normal to feel a certain anxiety during the pregnancy. On the other hand, when it becomes too invasive to the point of making you suffer or preventing you from living normally, it is important to act. Indeed, when they are not taken care