High Uric Acid Patients Should Avoid These Foods Can Increase Swelling And Pain

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Health experts advise patients with uric acid to avoid consuming lentils and rice. Because the protein present in lentils increases the level of uric acid. The number of patients with high uric acid is increasing continuously for some time. At present, people are vulnerable to serious health problems due to poor diet, disordered lifestyle, lack … Read more

Try These Kitchen Spices To Control High Blood Pressure Problem High BP

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Black pepper contains an element called piperine, which helps in controlling blood pressure. With increasing age, the problem of high blood pressure ie high blood pressure also increases in people. People become victims of hypertension due to stressful life. When the pressure of blood on the arteries increases, this condition is called high blood pressure. … Read more

The danger of dengue has increased in the changing season, keep yourself healthy with the help of these health tips

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When the monsoon arrives, it also gives relief from the summer. But this comfort becomes overwhelming for us when some of our activities start causing diseases. Among those diseases, the problem of dengue is spreading very fast today. Dengue often thrives in stagnant water. It is spread through the bite of Aedes mosquito infected with … Read more

Take Flax Seeds Empty Stomach In This Way To Control Uric Acid What Causes High Uric Acid In Body

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As the level of uric acid in the blood increases, it breaks down in the form of crystals and collects between the bones, which leads to the condition of gout. Uric acid is a natural waste product from the digestion of purine-rich foods. These foods include meats, beef, dried beans, and beer. A protein called … Read more

Diabetes Patient Can Take Giloy In This Way Makes Blood Sugar Level Control

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Rich in medicinal properties, giloy contains glucoside, tinosporin, palmerin and tinosporic acid, which helps in controlling blood sugar level. Diabetes is a chronic disease, in which it is very important to keep the blood sugar level under control. In the present time, due to poor diet, disordered lifestyle, no physical activity, heredity and stress, people … Read more

Waking Up With Tiredness And Pain In The Right Side Of The Stomach Can Be Symptoms Of Fatty Liver

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Patients suffering from fatty liver have problems such as fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, pain in the right side of the abdomen, swelling, lightening of the eyes, confusion and itching. In the present time, due to poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet and lack of any physical activity, people become victims of fatty liver problem. Although a … Read more