Autophobia: how to stop being afraid of loneliness?

Being alone is sometimes necessary on a daily basis, to sleep in peace, read a good book, take stock of our life, etc. But if loneliness can be soothing and rewarding, for some people, it is intolerable and generates a feeling of irrational fear, which has a strong impact on their daily lives. This pathological

What is thanatophobia? How to soothe him?

Nearly 157,000 people lose their lives every day around the world, or 6,541 deaths per hour and 109 deaths per minute. It is healthy and legitimate to be afraid of death. This makes it possible to exercise relative caution on a daily basis, to set limits and to become aware of the fragile – and

Steaks, bacon bits or sausages… "meats" plants will soon disappear from our shelves

Products based on vegetable proteins will soon no longer be able to be called “steaks”, “bacons”, “bacon”, “nuggets”, or even “sausages”, according to a decree published in the Official Journal on June 30. “It will not be possible to use the terminology specific to the sectors traditionally associated with meat and fish to designate products

Salmonellosis: do not eat these duck sausages!

Several batches of duck sausages have been subject to a health recall since Monday. In question ? The presence of bacteria responsible for salmonellosis, a common and debilitating digestive infection. These were marketed throughout France between June 21 and July 4 in stores Crossroads, Leclerc, Super U and Intermarché. All have a use-by date (DLC)

Carpophobia: how to overcome this fruit phobia?

To be in the best possible shape, it is generally advised to eat five fruits and vegetables a day. But for some people, this is insurmountable: at the mere mention of a very ripe apple they are prey to a strong feeling of disgust, even to uncontrollable physical symptoms (sweats, tremors, nausea, etc.). Definition: what

Hyperglycemia: signs, treatments

What is the definition of hyperglycemia? Hyperglycemia is characterized by a blood sugar level too high compared to normal. What is normal blood sugar? A fasting blood glucose level below 1.1 g/l is considered normal. What is high blood sugar? Before actual diabetes, there may be a phase of prediabetes. “The latter is characterized by

Ferritin reveals our iron stores

What is ferritin? Ferritin is a protein present in all our cells. Its dosage in the blood (serum ferritin) reflects the state of the body’s iron reserves. In a 2011 report, the High Authority of Health estimates that “usually, 1 microgram per liter of serum ferritin (the one that circulates in the blood, editor’s note)