Mila Moreira: friend reveals discomfort during her trip and causes the actress’s death at age 75

Mila Moreira was the victim of cardiac arrest after feeling bad from Saturday to Sunday morning, a friend told columnist Patricia Kogut, from the newspaper “O Globo”. The 75-year-old actress died this morning (6) and several famous people used social media to say goodbye to the artist. Mila has been off TV since 2017 with … Read more

When will “Pasión de gavilanes 2” be released?

Mario Cimarro will once again play Juan Reyes in

The premiere of the second season of “Passion of Hawks” is getting closer. Since the sequel to this successful telenovela was announced, almost 20 years later, the expectation of the public is great, especially after confirming the return of the main cast: Danna García, Mario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Michel Brown, Natasha Klauss and Juan Alfonso … Read more

Jungle camp 2022: also Cosimo Citiolo there?

Cosimo Citiolo could possibly be one of the candidates in the TV jungle.

Jungle Camp 2022 Will Cosimo Citiolo be there too? Cosimo Citiolo could possibly be one of the candidates in the TV jungle. © imago images/STAR-MEDIA In addition to Harald Glööckler and Lucas Cordalis, ex- “DSDS” candidate Cosimo Citiolo could also move to the jungle camp. For January 2022, the new season of “I’m a star … Read more

La Casa de Papel part 5 Vol 2: “ A nugget ”, “ big disappointment ”, fans quite perplexed by watching the final episodes

A nugget for some!

It was one of the most anticipated dates by all serevores. On Friday December 3, the final episodes of La Casa de Papel aired on Netflix. After the final twist of episode 5 of season 5 of The Money Heist, the fans feared the worst. The death of Tokyo has traumatized more than one, but … Read more

Frédéric Bouraly, his love at first sight for his wife Céline: "The moment I saw her I was only thinking of her"

This Monday, December 6, 2021, M6 broadcasts in prime time The good life, a special episode of the series Scenes of households. Viewers will then be able to discover new adventures of our favorite couples, including the one formed by the emblematic Liliane and José. For more than ten years, these characters have been interpreted … Read more