Review: Gavião Arqueiro – Season 1 – Episode 3

Streaming gives the series more freedom when it comes to the length of each episode. While on traditional TV everything needs to fit within the channel’s programming, including the proper space for commercial breaks, on platforms like Disney+, Netflix and the like, flexibility is greater. This applies to Marvel series, including Gavião Arqueiro, which had … Read more

‘Death Machines’: Fantasy produced by Peter Jackson to be REMOVED from Netflix; Know when!

The fantasy feature ‘Deadly Machines‘ (Mortal Engines), made by Peter Jackson, will be removed from the Netflix coming soon. The production will leave the schedule on the next day December 9th. In the plot, years after the “Sixty Minutes War”, the Earth is destroyed. To survive, cities move on giant wheels, known as Traction Cities, … Read more

Trading cards for TV 2 Christmas calendar are already sold online: ‘There should be enough for everyone’

Now you do not have to be stressed, but if you have not yet started collecting TV 2’s Christmas calendar collection cards, then you are already far behind. In connection with TV 2’s new Christmas calendar ‘Kometernes Jul’, a series of collectible cards for children and childish souls has been launched again this year. The … Read more

Kiril Petkov as a family on a film about Boyan Petrov

The team is photographed in front of the poster on the tape

“Boyan Petrov left the biggest mark in the people, in the thoughts of his colleagues. He was an indomitable spirit with achievements, with intransigence and we must all fight for his causes, to move forward.” This is what Kiril Petkov, the country’s prime minister, said after the premiere of the film about Boyan Petrov “I’m … Read more