What will happen in the last chapters of “Ömer Stolen Dreams”

“Ömer: Stolen Dreams” is in its final stretch in Spain (Photo: Stellar Yapım)

“Ömer: Stolen Dreams” (“Yaralı Kuşlar” in its original language) is one of the international audience’s favorite Turkish soap operas. The Ottoman production, starring Emre Mete Sönmez, has captivated everyone through the story of little Ömer Çelik, a boy separated from his family and sold to a criminal. MORE INFORMATION: This week’s schedule of “Ömer Dreams

Rocío Dúrcal takes first place in Yo Me Llamo Panamá 2021

The most watched television phenomenon on Panamanian television, My name is in its incredible third season reached its grand finale, making us laugh, get excited and vibrate with the participants. The four finalists performed magic on stage, astonishing each of the jurors with their excellent performances. Without a doubt, they are all winners, but only