Catanzaro, hundreds at the sit-in for Gratteri after the threat of attack. The prosecutor: “A sign that people don’t want mafias”

Scratchers do not touch”. About 250 people gathered this morning in Catanzaro, in the square in front of the public prosecutor’s office. And the “civic escort“By Nicola Scratchers who organized a sit-in for the magistrate after the news that the ‘Ndrangheta is planning an attack on him by means of a device connected to a remote control. The report came to the Italian secret services from the FBI who would have listened to an interception in which mafia exponents linked to the Calabrian clans spoke of an attack that should have taken place along the route that connects the magistrate’s home to his office.

It was in Gratteri intensified there buffer stockadding others three cars armored doors (there are five in all) one of which is equipped with a “bomb jammer” to inhibit, when Gratteri and the agents who protect him pass, the gsm frequencies and all the others used for radio and cellular transmissions. In addition to putting his family under protection, the supply he already had was increased. Now he is also accompanied by several agents of the Nocs, the Central Operations Security Unit of the state police.

In the square there was don Pino De Masi from Free. “We are in 2022 and we are 40 years after the death of Pio La Torre and Dalla Chiesa. – He said – We have said it several times: they died because we weren’t alive. We are here today because we want to be alive. Being alive next to Doctor Gratteri ”.

The sit-in was organized a few days away not only from the threats, but also from the rejection of the Csm who rejected Gratteri for his appointment as head of DNA, the national anti-mafia directorate. If for De Masi, “it is history that repeats itself” because “we try to destabilize the most committed people”, according to the mayor of Crotone Vincenzo Voce “People who do are obviously uncomfortable”.

Even harder was the president of the anti-mafia parliamentary commission Nicola Morra for whom “that CSM, which was born from those agreements for which Palamara paid, had to be canceled”. “And this is a question – Morra emphasizes – that many have asked the president of the CSM without obtaining an answer”.

Prosecutor Gratteri did not take to the streets. He always stayed in his room to work: “I always thank all those who show solidarity with my office, with me and with the young colleagues who investigate and commit themselves every day and go to seven courts to support the accusation. – He said – It is a sign that people want to change. It is a sign that people are not masochists and has no desire for mafias“.

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