Cat tries to get the attention of his owner and jumps on her back to attend to him

viral videos starring animals continue to add millions of reproductions in the social media. This time, through the platform of TikTok bill shared from Argentina the mischief that a cat made when he realized that his owner was not paying attention to him. The images unleashed different opinions.

as picked up user Ruth Roldan Fiz (@ruthroldanfiz) was in charge of publishing the funny recording starring a pussycat and his caretaker. At the beginning of the clip, the little pet appeared in the living room of his home.

What the cat does to get attention

Seconds later, the animal He starts meowing to get his mistress’s attention. However, he received no response from her and sought another ‘strategy’. After going back and forth, the feline decided to get on a seat, took momentum and jumped towards the woman.

Immediately, the kitten managed to ‘land’ on her back and with its claws managed to hold on to the dress. “The flying cat”indicated @ruthroldanfizwhose video exceeded 10 million views in this social network.

Cat becomes a trend

The clip of the mischievous pet did not go unnoticed among Internet users. Many netizens highlighted the curious reaction of the feline, while others recounted similar experiences.

“The cat: you are going to listen to me, here I come!”; “My baby cat did the same thing, but she was climbing up the legs. What pain afterwards!”; “poor the scratched lady and the anxious kitten”, “my cat just as a baby and now she is still the same”, were some of the comments.

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