Cassino, kicks a cat like a ball and publishes the video on social media: the complaint of the Enpa

Kick a cat like a ball. Then the video posted on social media with the words “lob”. The violence was reported byEnpa (National Animal Protection Body) after the report of the Frosinone section, through the Enpa lawyer Claudia Ricci. To carry out the “absurd” act, they write from the Enpa, was a boy from Cassino.

“It’s horrifying to see how it is enjoys mistreating animals – says Carla Rocchi, president of Enpa a cat used as a ball, kicked with force And badness. These are images that give shivers not only for the unacceptable violence but also for the degradation they represent: young people who, instead of being ashamed of such an ignoble gesture, boast about it and proudly share it on their social profiles. We have often stressed the link between violence against animals and those against people. It’s time to severely punish those who commit these crimes. We will continue to report because these people have to answer before the law!”

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