Cassandra (La Villa 6) pregnant with Théo despite their breakup? Here is what it really is


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The rumor swells that Cassandra is pregnant with Theo despite their separation. Here is what it really is.

Cassandra and Théo have been separated for a few weeks now. The two reality TV candidates have tried everything to save their couple after two years of love, in particular by participating in The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 and 6. But unfortunately, even if the young woman will have moved heaven and earth for their relationship, Theo’s infidelities and lies will have finally got the better of their love story. Now single, Cassandra left Marseille to join her family in the southwest.

Cassandra has not forgiven Theo
Cassandra is not pregnant with Théo
Cassandra is not pregnant with Théo

If 2022 marks the start of a new life for both reality TV contestants, the change is however brutal for Cassandra, who has already revealed that she does not feel comfortable where she now resides … At the same time, some Internet users continue to believe in a possible flashback between the two lovebirds, since it is not isn’t the first time they’ve broken up. However, today, their separation seems indeed final. Blogger He frowned, questioned by subscribers, spoke about it.

Cassandra is not pregnant with Théo

After asserting that Cassandra had not at all forgiven Theo for his new deception, He frowned responded to the rumor swelling on the Web: According to some people, the young woman is pregnant with her ex, despite their breakup. In reality, this is not the case, as he put it: “Not at all at all, quite the contrary.” Cassandra has turned the page on Theo and didn’t get pregnant with her ex before their split… It remains to be seen if the young woman will meet again soon.

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