Cashier revealed Daniela Katzenberger’s pregnancy

A cashier made the rumor mill boil! In August 2015, Daniela Katzenberger (35) became a mother for the first time. With her partner Lucas Cordalis (54), she welcomed daughter Sophia (6). In the meantime, the small family likes to share their everyday life online. At the beginning of the pregnancy, the Goodbye Germany awareness still valued discretion – but the public threw a spanner in the works. A cashier directly divulged that Dani bought pregnancy tests!

In the podcast “Cat and Cordalis” the couple chatted about the time they were expecting their first baby. “You don’t really say anything about being pregnant until the 12th week,” noted Dani. Nevertheless, rumors were already circulating – thanks to a cashier. “The lady who was at the cash register in the drugstore posted on Facebook that I had bought pregnancy tests.”the cult blonde recalled.

Even her mother Iris Klein (55) read the post at the time and asked Dani about it. “Then I said, ‘No, mom. That was an ovulation test’, said the TV emigrant. But she could hardly convince with this white lie. The fact that the 35-year-old had not had a sip of alcohol on New Year’s Eve even increased the suspicion.

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger with daughter Sophia

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Daniela Katzenberger in June 2015


Iris Klein with her daughter Daniela Katzenberger

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