Case closed, Veretout came to OM to play!

This Friday, Jordan Veretout officially became an OM player. But, his arrival is far from having unanimous support among Marseille supporters because of a case linked to his father-in-law. However, Veretout quickly indicated that he only wants to think about the field.

The party was ruined at OM. The Marseillais had however managed a good transfer with Jordan Veretout. They had finally signed a midfielder capable of replacing Boubacar Kamara, who had left for Aston Villa. In addition, they attracted a French international, recognized and knighted at AS Roma. However, if the sporting profile is interesting, it is on the extra-sporting level that the shoe pinches for the faithful of the Olympian club. The player would have helped his stepfather financially for his legal costs while he was accused of raping his own daughter. A #Veretoutnotwelcome quickly appeared on social networks to express a refusal to see the former Nantes player play for OM.

Veretout came for the L1, not to bring in the accused

The case remains embarrassing even if Pablo Longoria did not give it capital importance. The president of OM was keen to finalize this transfer at all costs. And, he finally succeeded. Veretout arrived this Friday and he immediately joined his Marseille teammates. But he also had to perform his baptism of fire in front of the press, which was eager to question him about his father-in-law’s case. This was not the case for the main interested party who only thinks of his debut with OM in Ligue 1.

I am here to play football. These are difficult and complicated times. I do not endorse such facts. I don’t fit into this story. I am at OM to play football and have a good time with the group or outside with people at the Vรฉlodrome. I am generally appreciated. In Italy, I was appreciated. I am happy. I am here to play soccer. Have great results here and emotions. I experienced it last year. And I want to continue and to experience that here at OM, it must be magical. I will fight to win titles โ€œ, he came out. It will be very interesting to see what the Marseille supporters will think of it, and this perhaps as early as Sunday evening against Reims.

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