Casa di Giulietta, the Municipality of Verona evaluates the expropriation of the courtyard: “Entrance only with ticket”

For some time, access to Giulietta’s home – hidden in the fourteenth-century building located in the center of Verona – is problematic. The municipal administration has received more than one criticism for not addressing the question from the code that crowd via Cappello and via degli gatherings in the courtyard where once Romeo he was courting his beloved. The entrance fee – a project by the Municipality – is the solution under consideration.

The positions – Interviewed by Corriere della Serathe Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Verona, Francesca Brianireturned the allegations of non-compliance to the sender: “Nothing in fact? I wouldn’t say so!“. “Just compare the photos from a few years ago – he explains – with those of now: a river of shapeless people, in the topical periods of the year, flocked to enter, as well as in the courtyard “. For the commissioner, the municipal activity was effective: “Everything has been cleaned upand now the attendance I am quota and the neat queue in the center of the pedestrian street: it is possible book, access is checked with cameras in connection with the booking system, the Municipality staff at the entrance guarantees that the maximum number of presences is one hundred and twenty in the courtyard and one hundred and twenty in the House “. In favor ofexpropriation of the area is Vincenzo Tinè, superintendent of Archeology, Landscape and Fine Arts of Verona, Vicenza and Rovigo. “It’s a question of which let’s talk at least since two years with the Common“, He specified in a television broadcast. “It is a administrative act which belongs to the Municipality – he explained – and which would concern the courtyard and a part of the fourteenth-century building which is located to the left of the current entrance. This would allow the Commonas has been done in other cases – the most blatant, but certainly not the only one, is that of Colosseum in Rome – of become owner of the whole area which would then be effectively and entirely museum“. For Tinè, people who pay for a service “must have it in full, not halfway”. “We would enter booking and paying a ticket – he concludes – and thus the crowds of people who enter only to take a selfie in the courtyard would be eliminated “.

Problems with co-owners – TO oppose to expropriation are the subjects to whom the courtyard belongs and on which they practice business who make money from tourists who have free access to the area. “The administration searched with the owners all possible compromises“, Underlines the Superintendent. However, “no solution was accepted from the owners, there was always something that didn’t suit someone ”. During his speech, the superintendent if on the one hand recognized him private interests – who would like the access to the square to remain public – on the other hand, he also emphasized the risks that people runcrowding under the famous balcony.

The possible solution – The struggle for expropriation led to a clash between the owners and the Municipality: between the two there is a pending lawsuit. “Given that the Superintendency does not want any other entrances than the current one – observes Briani – it is at study of the Municipality L’entrance from the courtyard like today, but with ticket, the path inside the House and the exit from the fourteenth-century building (if it becomes public property) to which the House is already connected, with an increase and enhancement of the exhibition spaces. But the process of expropriation is long, it will take years “. In the meantime, it is now possible to visit Juliet’s House, the Fresco Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art with a single ticket at a reduced rate (full price 8 euros). A novelty to promote the discovery and knowledge of the myth of Romeo and Juliet, through a path that, in addition to involving the Juliet’s House and the Fresco Museum with the tomb of the Shakespearean heroine, extends to the Gallery of Modern Art Achilles Strong.

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