Cary Fukunaga, director of ‘007 – No Time to Die’, is accused of grooming and sexual harassment

according to The Wrapthe director Cary Fukunaga (‘007: No Time to Die’) was charged by at least three young actresses with predatory behavior and sexual harassment and grooming.

In a series of posts made last week, the actress Rachelle Vinberg (‘Betty’) revealed that Fukunaga took advantage of the nearly twenty-year gap between them to pressure her into a romantic relationship shortly after she turned 18.

She said they became “totally and completely intimate” many years later, before he broke up when Vinberg turned 21.

Meanwhile, the twin actresses Hannah and Cailin Loesch (‘Maniac’) revealed that they were forced to endure the attempts of a romance that the director tried to create with both, giving ideas even for a threesome. As if that wasn’t enough, the Loesch sisters found him at his penthouse in New York, where “he took [Cailin] and pulled her on top of him, with Hannah right there.”, which terrified Cailin. After the twins refused any kind of sexual relationship with him, Fukunaga invited them to “use acid and MDMA”.

A representative of the director, who last year was accused of firing the actress Raeden Greer after she refused to shoot a nude scene, she declined to comment on the allegations and did not respond to the controversies.

The allegations in question began after Fukunaga made a post on her official Instagram about the prospect of the United States Supreme Court repealing one of the amendments that allows women to perform abortions without excessive government restriction.

“Meanwhile, in America, the Supreme Court is about to take us into a war with ourselves by legitimizing the war on women’s rights”He wrote.

The post caught the attention of Vinberg, who reposted the photo and responded: “It makes me furious because he literally doesn’t care about women. He just traumatizes them. I’ve talked to several girls. Fuck off, Cary.”

The actress also shared a photo she took with Fukunaga, accusing him of “inciting vulnerable adolescents into sexual encounters”despite not having presented any direct evidence of the director’s reprehensible behavior. “I spent several years afraid of him. He’s a groomer and he’s been doing this shit for years. Watch out, women.”

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