Cartoon Network’s Justice Buddies are more fun than Marvel’s Avengers for these reasons

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has established itself in recent decades as the most successful franchise of the 21st century, as its films became a unique phenomenon that blew up the box office around the world. However, long before the Avengers take over the entertainment, on the screen of Cartoon Network the children enjoyed a parody of them entitled The Justice Friends.

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If you are under the age of 20, you may have never heard of this program. It is a segment within Dexter’s lab, another of the most loved childhood shows, which follows three superheroes who live together in an apartment and try to face different challenges of everyday life, but the curiosity that highlights its humor is that They are their own versions of Captain America, Thor and Hulk.

+ Why are they more fun than the Avengers?

His characters have absolutely nothing to do with the heroes they are based on. Greater America (Captain America) he is a patriot trained as a child by his Uncle Sam, fond of advertising and paparazzi, and allergic to cats; Val Hallen (Thor) He is a Viking god of rock whose mystical guitar gives him his power, since without it he is a mortal boy; and Giant (Hulk) He is a powerful mutant, but behind his muscles is someone naive and childish.

The show takes us to a kind of sitcom in the style Friends with different stereotypes of superheroes, although the last thing they do in their daily life is behave as such and show an image that has nothing to do with that universe. The parodies usually take those elements of the original works to turn them into a more humorous element and this is what ultimately happens in this case, although there does not seem to be a mockery behind it.

The reception of this segment of Dexter’s lab was so positive that they became part of an episode of The Powerpuff Girls to try and get girls to be part of their association with more superheroes who of course continued the comic book parody of Marvel and some of DC. It will undoubtedly be one of the programs most remembered by young people today and it never hurts to review a chapter again to remember it.

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