Caroline Receveur: on vacation in St Tropez, her grilled darling kissing François, a pure handsome kid!

Finished Dubai, this summer, the influencers have almost all settled in the south of France! The proof, Hugo Philip and Caroline Receveur left their villa in the United Arab Emirates to spend a family vacation on the French Riviera, in Saint-Tropez of course!

Family beach, romantic restaurant, drunken evenings… Via their respective Instagram accounts, the two lovers are used to sharing everything about their great vacations… And this Thursday, July 21, 2022, Caroline Receveur was no exception!

After filming her friends dancing at “Casa amor”, an establishment located near the sea in St-Tropez, the mother and entrepreneur revealed via her Instagram story images of an alcoholic cocktail and a Hugo Philip visibly uninhibited…

The reason ? On the video in question published by Caroline Receveur, Marlon’s father exchanges a quick kiss with a man. A post that the influencer captioned as follows: ” I was sure of it !!! »

But who is this handsome brunette with whom Hugo Philip shared a sweet moment? Fortunately, Caroline Receveur took the time to mention this man via her Instagram story and it is a man who responds to the name of “Francois H” on Instagram… What a mystery!

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