Caroline Margeridon (Case Concluded) cheated on by her ex-husband "with half the earth", his SHOCK confidences on the bottom of their divorce!

In addition to her career, the private life of Caroline Margeridon fascinates the crowds. In the city, she is the happy mother of two children named Alexandre and Victoire. On a daily basis, they are also very close. These are often on the Biron Market. A must-see place for Caroline Margeridon since she runs a pretty antique shop there. The buyer ofCase Concluded is very proud of her offspring which she raised alone. Indeed, their father and jockey Gérald Mossé left to live in Hong-Kong when they were only a few months old. But Caroline Margeridon has done everything to ensure that their relationship does not deteriorate over time.

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“I have protected my children a lot by saying: ‘Poor daddy, he lives far away, he cannot see you’. My children were born with a structure, a spine, without the denial or the hatred of the dad who was absent. I have always refused to criticize a father who leaves, because the children have nothing to do with it ”, she told the “Parents First” podcast for “Télé-Loisirs”.

A choice that was not easy for Caroline Margeridon. For “Here is” this Friday, November 26, 2021, the ex-acolyte of Pierre-Jean Chalençon made new confidences about her former husband. Obviously, the jockey’s infidelities would be right about their story. She was also extremely shocked when she heard about it. “Until my manicurist told me my husband cheated on me with half the land. My children weren’t walking yet! ”, stressed the happy mother of two children to our colleagues.

A delicate situation that stirred painful childhood memories. According to him, his father was also a fickle man. “I stopped seeing him when I was 18, when I learned from the cleaning lady that he was cheating on my mother”, admitted Caroline Margeridon who does not regret having turned the page.


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