Carolina Ramírez: who is Jimmy Vásquez, the former of the “Queen of Flow”

Carolina Ramirez She is one of the most internationally recognized Colombian actresses for her participation in various soap operas and series such as “La hija del mariachi”, “La Pola”, “La reina del flow”, among many others, winning the hearts of the public with her talent and charisma.

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The protagonist of “La reina del flow” is usually very reserved with her personal life, especially with her love relationships. Of the couples she has had, before marrying her current husband Mariano Bacaleinik, it was learned that Carolina Ramírez had a romantic relationship with fellow actor Jimmy Vásquez.

Carolina Ramírez and Jimmy Vásquez were together for six years. They had plans to live outside of Colombia, but they ended their relationship on bad terms. The break was one of the most talked about in the world of Colombian entertainment, as the interpreter accused the Cali actress of having been unfaithful to him. But, who was the ex-partner of “La reina del flow”?

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Jimmy Vásquez, Carolina Ramírez's ex-partner, is a Colombian television actor, theater and broadcaster who has lived in Bogotá since 1999 (Photo: Jimmy Vásquez / Iinstagram)
Jimmy Vásquez, Carolina Ramírez’s ex-partner, is a Colombian television actor, theater and broadcaster who has lived in Bogotá since 1999 (Photo: Jimmy Vásquez / Iinstagram)


Jimmy Vásquez, Carolina Ramírez’s ex-partner, is a Colombian television actor, theater and broadcaster who resides in Bogotá since 1999. He is known for participating in various Colombian television productions, standing out with his participation in the first installment of “El Cartel” as Pedro Tejada aka Revolver.

He was born in Cúcuta, on April 9, 1977. Jimmy Vásquez began singing as a child, until the director of a choir told him that he was useless. So he decided to stay alone with acting.

From a very young age, he began to do workshops in La Candelaria and in the Popular Theater of Bogotá (TPB) that was about to close. Later he entered the Higher Academy of Arts in Bogotá (ASAB) and at the insistence of his brother also started Social Communication at the Javeriana University.

However, soon after he abandoned this career to dedicate himself permanently to acting. Since then, the capital of Colombia opened its doors to him and his career began to emerge.

Much of his career has been devoted to the theater. In 2000 he participated in the play Strip-tease (Slawomir Mrozek), under the direction of Tito Ochoa. In 2003, he participated in Al Leaving the Chrysalis, written and directed by Juliana Reyes. A year later he was in The Inspector (Nikolai Gogol), Chronicle of a Death Foretold (Gabriel García Márquez) and I Took Panama, under the direction of Jorge Alí Triana.

Then came the musical The Merchant of Venice (William Shakespeare). Later he participated in 39 steps (John Buchan’s and Alfred Hitchcock), under the direction of the Argentine Ricardo Behrens, The Cosmetics of the Enemy (Amelie Nothomb), directed by Ricardo Vélez, Cronica de una historia dazada (2007), directed by Tino Fernández, La tempest (William Shakespeare), with director Pawel Nowicki, among others.

He directed “You are unique, but not the only one”, written by César Augusto Betancur and currently participates in the play Cállate and writes with the support of Dago García Producciones.

In the field of television, he has worked in a large number of productions such as Men of Honor (1988), They Call Me Lolita (1998), Tabú (1999), Investigative Unit (1999), Jack the Alarm Clock (2002), The Saga, family business (2004), Luna, the heiress (2004), Married with children (2006), The fan (2007), New rich, new poor (2007), participation that earned him a Tv and Novels Award for Male Character.

He also worked in Here there is no one who lives (2008), Inversiones el ABC (2009), El cartel de los sapos (2008), Amar y Temer (2011), Escobar, el patron del mal (2012), Sweet love (2015) , a participation that made him once again deserving of the Tv Novelas Award for Best Telenovela Antagonic Actor in 2016. He was also in El comandante and in La nocturne character with which he won an India Catalina for Best Leading Actor in a Telenovela in 2018.

In the cinema he has participated in the Colombian-Spanish production Losing is a matter of method by Sergio Cabrera (2004), This smells bad by Jorge Alí Triana (2007), Matando a Amelia by Rafael Martínez (2007), I love you Ana Elisa directed by Robinson Díaz and José Antonio Dorado Zúñiga (2008), The Passion of Gabriel de Luís Alberto Restrepo (2008), among others.


Carolina Ramírez had a six-year relationship with fellow actor Jimmy Vásquez. The couple had plans to live outside of Colombia, but things ended badly. The breakup was one of the most talked about in the world of entertainment, as the man accused “La reina del flow” of having been unfaithful to him.

In an interview for the program “It says about me” carried out in 2017, Jimmy Vásquez revealed that while he undertook the trip alone, waiting for the actress; she had another romantic relationship with someone else in Colombia, for three months.

“I find out that she already had a life with another person here and that she had it planned three months ago. All this had been, let’s say, a manipulation for me to leave, ”the man said in 2017.

Vásquez confessed that he was about to take his life when his relationship with Carolina Ramírez ended. The separation led him to suffer a strong depression, getting to ingest alcohol mixed with some pills.

The actor hit rock bottom, so he called a friend for help. That is how he ended up admitted to a hospital where they managed to save his life. Subsequently, he attended psychological therapy for 4 years after the separation of the actress.

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