Carolina Deslandes responds ‘to the letter’ to a follower: “Bruno de Carvalho caught you and trampled you all over…”

Carolina Deslandes is in the north of the country, where she will record the video for the new song “Vai lá, diz lá”.

On the afternoon of this Friday, August 5th, the singer shared a photo of the make-up that was done to her for the job in question and, in addition to many compliments, there were those who wanted to leave a less pleasant comment in the comment box of the publication.

“Bruno de Carvalho caught you for sure and trampled you all over 😂”reads.

Confronted, Carolina Deslandes decided to respond ‘to the letter’ making a reference to the phrase that the follower in question has in his bio on Instagram.

“I haven’t responded to comments like this for a long time. Today I will not tell you about the ridiculous comment and instigating violence, I will just correct your Portuguese”began by writing the singer.

And finally ended: “In your instagram bio you wrote “PUDER” instead of “POWER”. Since you lacked education, may you not lack good writing. A sweet kiss.”

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