Carol Peixinho surprises Thiaguinho with a message on TV and the singer gives details of the relationship. Look!

“Making a statement to Thiago André, an individual and a legal entity, is not very difficult, you know? Everything comes with a lot of lightness, a lot of feeling, a whirlwind of emotions to talk about this incredible man, who is a super son, super brother, super friend, a super boss, a super singer that we love, wants to be close, who makes amazing songs, that immortalize in our lives…”, began the businesswoman.

Carol celebrated Thiaguinho’s success. “And a super boyfriend, life partner, who is so good to share life with you, my love. We thank each other every day for this meeting. I am very happy to be paying this tribute to you and to congratulate you on the success of always, for the 20 years of my career, I love you so much, my love”, added the influencer.

Thiaguinho melts when talking about Carol Peixinho

Prestiged by Carol Peixinho in the recording of the DVD in celebration of the 20 years of his career, Thiaguinho revealed that the meeting of the two was “a thing of the soul”. “I love you a lot too, I’m also very happy to be by your side right now. It’s really a soul thing, you know? The first time we met, we got along so well. you know?” he commented.

“It’s so good to be able to share life with someone, because it has to be like that, it has to be light. I’ll be 40 next year, so the relationship has to be more, it has to be worth being close to, Carol does worth being close to her. It’s a good energy, a renewal”, said the pagodeiro.

Since assuming the romance with Carol Peixinho, Thiaguinho has not let go of his girlfriend. The two live sharing photos on social media and show that they are completely in love with each other.

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