Carnival queen poses in a bikini after eliminating 71 kg and receives praise

Queen of the drums of the Red Black Race and muse of the Unidos de Bangu, Monalisa Moura She once again surprised her followers 一 there are more than 215,000 on Instagram 一 when she shared a video in which she appears wearing a yellow bikini after having lost 71 kg.

The influencer weighed 139 kg at the height of obesity and underwent several surgeries to stay with her current body.

“That’s right there”, she captioned it, receiving several compliments from fans: “You look beautiful and wonderful”, praised an internet user. “A spectacle of beauty,” agreed another. “I can’t believe it,” wrote another. “Wow, beautiful body,” said another.

In previous posts, she spoke about the problem of obesity. Some time after the birth of her baby, she underwent bariatric surgery.

Determined to lose weight, she went through ups and downs and gained weight again after the bariatric, weighing 101 kg. Working as a saleswoman, she earned the money to do the other surgeries that were missing: an abdominoplasty, a mastopexy (to remove skin from the breasts) and three liposuctions.

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