“Carnival has always given a voice to blacks", declares queen of school in Rio de Janeiro on Black Consciousness week

To model Ana Carolina Tasty, known for spending more than R$300,000 on plastic surgery just to debut as Queen of the Unidos na Ponte School, at the Rio Carnival, used her social networks to talk about the black conscience week and stated: “Carnival has always been the voice of black community”.

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“It has always been our way of expressing ourselves, celebrating, celebrating,” said the model on her Instagram. “Carnival has always been black and will continue to be regardless of how much they try to ‘whiten’ the revelry and make it more attractive to white standards.”

“Carnival was invented by us after all”, he adds. “Carnival continues to have our characteristics, character, sweat and joy of life. It’s a beautiful party invented by black people, but little is said to better sell the party to the white community.”

“But there’s no denying the colors, the dances, the details, the songs, the beats. All black and all bring our history with them”.

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