Carnival 2022 in Rio: party at Sapucaí is questioned on social media. ‘Look at the omicron’

THE 2022 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, which will no longer happen in the city’s street blocks, can now also be canceled in Sapucaí, although the mayor, Eduardo Paes (PSD), had previously said that the party on the avenue was guaranteed.

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The question was raised last week, when a member of the city’s scientific committee said that he did not welcome the increase in the number of Covid cases in Rio and that, therefore, it would be ideal to cancel the revelry also in Marquês de Sapucaí. Shortly after, Claudio Castro, governor of the state, entered the discussion to claim that the speech had been made by just one member of the committee and not by the entire body. Therefore, the parade of schools was maintained.

Carnival 2022 in Rio: Netizens demand that the Sapucaí party be canceled

The problem now is that many internet users have been charging the authorities for the cancellation to be formalized. On Twitter, Eduardo Paes is tagged non-stop in comments from people demanding that the Sapucaí party be vetoed, as Covid cases in the state continue to rise.

“There is still time to cancel Carnival in Sapucaí. look at the omicron“, began a follower of the mayor. “Let’s cancel Carnival in Sapucaí! Ômicron is there”, said another one. “Eduardo Paes, are we going to cancel Carnival in Sapucaí too, dear? people are dying collectively after this New Year’s escape,” noted a third.

Carnival 2022 in Rio: number of Covid and flu cases worry

Although Claudio Castro has minimized the ômicron, comparing it to a common flu, Rio de Janeiro recorded, this Monday (10), more than 4 thousand new cases of the disease. On Friday, that number was 2,000, which indicates growth. The data are from the “G1” portal.

In December, it is worth remembering, when the numbers of patients were much lower, a survey showed that more than 85% of people in the country were in favor of canceling Carnival entirely. At the time, the idea was to prevent a new spike in cases, which has now become a reality.

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