Carnival 2022 in Rio: Governor minimizes ômicron by confirming Sapucaí: ‘More similar to a flu’

THE 2022 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro has already been canceled on city streets, with the ban on blocks. Now, however, even after the mayor has secured the parades at Marquês de Sapucaí, The scientific committee raised doubts about the event, in particular because of the increase in number of Covid cases no country.

Claudio Castro, governor, reacted and minimized the rise in numbers: “The numbers of Covid-19 show a large infection, but a minimal hospitalization”, began the politician in conversation with RJTV, from TV Globo. “Ômicron is the lightest of all the variants, with no impact on hospitalizations. It is more similar to a flu than to a pneumonia, as were the other strains. The Health Department sees no reason to cancel Carnival, so it is still maintained,” he said.

To complete, Castro said that the position of the committee would be unofficial, that is, a specific opinion of some members, not of all the components of the body. “Some people on the board, which is an advisory board, gave their opinion,” he said. “It was not an official opinion, there are not even published minutes. We understand that, as it is a plural council, some will agree and others will disagree”.

Carnival 2022 in Rio: private parties will be maintained

Claudio Castro, in addition to citing Sapucaí and reinforcing that, for the time being, the parades are still confirmed, he also said that “other Carnivals”, other than the street one, are also maintained. Although he did not clarify what “other Carnivals” would be, it is likely that the governor was referring to private parties.

“The official position of the state government, today, is that the street carnival will not happen and all other carnivals, in which we manage to control, including the Marquês de Sapucaí one, will happen”, he reinforced.

Carnival 2022 in Rio: street blocks look for alternatives to keep the party going

While Sapucaí is not cancelled, the street blocks are trying to find solutions to not let the party go unnoticed. Cordão do Bola Preta, for example, is organizing the “Feijoadas do Bola”, that is, events that charge admission and require a passport with the vaccine for entry to be allowed.

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