Carnaval 2022: More than 800 blocks apply to parade in SP, but 71 cities veto the event

O Carnival 2022 only takes place in February, but four months before, there is already a reveler doing the math to get rid of the delay of almost two years of the pandemic. That’s because, on the whole, more than 800 blocks signed up to parade in São Paulo alone. The number is impressive and can generate the biggest street carnival in the country, even surpassing Rio de Janeiro, which even has artists booked.

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The processions are divided between the Carnival week and the weekends that precede and follow the official festival. The idea of ​​some is to celebrate twice: for 2021 and 2022. The information is from the city hall, which counted exact 867 blocks. This number, by the way, should be changed by February, as many blocks even give up on the parade, while others organize to leave in more than one day.

In all, 71 cities in São Paulo have already vetoed the event

Despite the number, many municipalities have completely vetoed street Carnival, especially because Ricardo Nunes (MDB), current mayor of the city of São Paulo, has already made it clear that the party should receive 15 million people, but will not have any kind of sanitary protocol. The ad generated apprehension.

In comparative terms, in 2020, the city hall received 960 applications for street blocks, almost double from 2019, which had only 550 interested parties. It is worth remembering that in none of these carnivals the pandemic had already started, which makes the current number of 867 blocks a concern. The information is from the “G1” portal.

In all, 71 cities said no to the party. Among them, Mogi das Cruzes, Suzano, Sorocaba, Taubaté and many others. In the latter, by the way, the municipality said that it will not provide funds, but allowed the organizations to hold the party on their own, which generated confusion. see the full list of cities that denied the party at the end of the article.

Mayor of São Paulo wants to create a committee with the main cities in the country linked to Carnival

Ricardo Nunes, despite having guaranteed the Street Carnival, has not yet finished the preparations for the party. Proof of this is that he has already made clear his desire to create a Committee with Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Recife so that the five cities, the main ones in terms of revelry in the country, can organize themselves and take decisions in a way single.

São Paulo, Recife and Rio have already approved the idea. The latter, by the way, has even organized pre-Carnival events, with the right to announce attractions in the future Sapucaí cabin.

See the list of all cities in São Paulo that said ‘no’ to Carnival

In addition to Mogi das Cruzes, Sorocaba, Taubaté and Suzano, they also said no to the revelry: Altinópolis, Amparo, Barrinha, Borborema, Botucatu, Brodowski, Cabreúva, Caconde, Cajuru, Campo Limpo Paulista, Cássia dos Coqueiros, Cunha, Dobrada, Dumont, Franca, Guaíra, Guariba, Guatapará, Iacanga, Ibitinga, Itápolis, Itatiba, Itupeva, Jaboticabal, Jacareí, Jarinu, Jundiaí, Lins, Lucélia, Luís Antônio, Marília, Mairinque, Monte Alto, Monteiro Lobato, Natividade da Serra, Nazaré Paulista, Paraibuna, Pirassununga, Pitangueiras, Poá, Potirendaba, Pradópolis, Presidente Prudente, Rifaina, Roseira, Salesópolis, Sales Oliveira, Santa Cruz da Esperança, Santa Ernestina, Santa Isabel, Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Santo Antônio da Alegria, Santo Antônio do Pinhal, São Bento do Sapucaí, São Caetano do Sul, São Joaquim da Barra, São Luiz do Paraitinga, São Simão, Taquaritinga, Ubatuba, Várzea Paulista, Espírito Santo do Turvo, Itapetininga, Louveira, Monte Alegre do Sul, Valinhos and Vinhedo.

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